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Music Therapy

Check out these music therapy videos!

Music therapy is an evidence-based therapy practice that crosses multiple areas of treatment and can facilitate development in:

  • Language, speech and communication

  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • Behavior and attention

  • Social skills

  • Sensory Regulation

  • Emotional and self-expressive skills

  • Promote Physical Rehabilitation

  • Self esteem

  • Motivation and volition

  • and so much more!

Why is music therapy effective?

Music as a medium is powerful.  It often facilitates a connection to children with special needs that in many other circumstances cannot be made.  Music is transformative in its effect.  It positively alters mood and processing, which in turn produces fertile ground for progress in many areas of development.  Music therapy harnesses the power of music to achieve specific developmental goals in a setting that is fun, active and seems more like play than work!  

What do participants do during Music Therapy?

No two Music Therapy sessions are the same.  Facilitated by a music therapist, all sessions are specifically designed to consider individual and/or group dynamics and goals.  However, the bulk of a session will revolve around music-based interventions including:


  • Performing / Playing.  This can include singing or instrument playing.


  • Composing.  This includes any individual or group songwriting process and can be as simple or complex as needed.


  • Improvising.  Improvisation means creating music on the spot or in the moment.


  • Receiving / Listening.  This can include a music or relaxation-type of experience, a lyric analysis intervention, and/or a “moving to music” type of experience.

Used by permission from Kelly Garland Egeler, MT-BC

For more information about music therapy-based intervention, please contact me at:

Music Therapist: Life Dynamic Music Therapy, Kelly Garland-Egeler, MT-BC




American Music Therapy Association:

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